About us

Melody Ceramics

Walking in the narrows of the Venetian port, you will discover a unique workshop of modern ceramic art with unique designs made with love and passion by a family of artists. Melody Ceramic Art is full of special handmade creations made to decorate your space. If you are also asking for something special and different, personalized for your own space you will find it here.
Using old and new techniques, secret recipes and bright colors that stand out we create artifacts of white Italian clay that is painted and burned with pyrocolors and glasses.
Our ceramics are made and painted inside the laboratory/shop and burned in a special furnace(kiln) of high temperatures. A visit to our site will convince you since you can watch the manufacture of our products live on every visit.

The original creator and initiator of our artifacts is Eytichia Alygizaki. She is in the field of ceramic creation working in older workshops of well-known artists since 2000. After some time she decided to create her own designs using information from various old ceramists and trying new things in her own wholesale workshop. She participated with her own personal work in exhibitions of handmade creations, and in 2013 decided to open a new space that would combine the artistic workshop and together the exhibition of her products Melody Ceramic Art. Since then,you can find her every day in the old port of Chania in the Shop-Laboratory Melody Ceramics, in Betolo 27.
Her children, Telemachos Koutsogiannakis and Alexandros Koutsogiannakis, as well as Katerina Pirpinakis following her example, create and plan together with Eytichia Alygizakis, continuing the tradition of the family business and keeping the secrets of their art. Every year new designs are created with love and inspiration from the whole family, trying to meet even the most special requirements. The designs are available in retail and wholesale throughout Greece and are shipped all over the world.

The process of creating each ceramic is as follows: Initially an original design is made with solid clay and is carving through sculpturing, adding and removing clay and water in order to display the desired shape-base. Then when the original piece is ready , by using plaster we make a mold, which we use to make mass production of each design separately. Each design goes through our hands several times until it takes its final form, since after pressing on the mold , following cuts and details before it reaches the process of coloring.
The products are then painted with superior quality glasses, which are baked at 1000°C for 8 hours (8 hours baking and 12 hours waiting). These colors change texture after burning and turns from dust to glass, so they do not fade and change over time. They withstand high and low temperatures and are suitable for indoor and indoor decoration.
In our store you will find that design you can imagine, color creativity and happy faces. Even bonbonières are available for your birth, christening or wedding, in whatever design and color you wish on demand, with special prices.

 For years, family of melody ceramics participated in exhibitions in Athens, in order to promote products throughout Greece and Cyprus.